My social life is a disaster aaaaaa

What’s going on?

Sorry I didn’t post on Friday – I just had mad work for last week but this week is gonna back to regular scheduled programming! ₍ᵔ·͈༝·͈ᵔ₎

A few weeks ago, I decided to give away some of my cosplay stuff to other cosplayers in my circle, partially because I’m not making as much stuff as I used to, and partially because I’m moving in September. I’ve decided to really thin down how many projects I do to just 1-2 for the rest of this year, but who knows, maybe I’ll magically end up doing more.

So far I’ve given away 3 wigs, 2 cosplays, and 2 bags of materials. In total I was able to serve 5 different individuals so far, which I know isn’t much, but that’s 5 people who don’t need to purchase more things. I apologize to the people who inquired but weren’t able to get anything – it’s first-come-first-serve. I just don’t have the mental capacity to hold things for weeks. Fifteen year old me would have been fine tho – because I had a hoarder mentality back then.

Being an introvert, I am honestly not totally fazed in this covid world. However, not being able to be as active as I would have liked is really draining on my mood. And being lower-middle class, I am fortunate enough to actually have a roof over my head and clothes, and I’m never hungry. I do, however, have crippling student debt and no stable income.

In addition to that, I sent out interview questions for 2 local cosplay enthusiasts – one photographer and cosplayer and I would love to feature them on my blog soon.

….and I started gathering cosplay photos for a Demon Slayer anothology!

I have currently received submissions from an amazing lineup of photographers and cosplayers, and I would love for you to join! Shoot me a message on Insta or Twitter for deets.

Stay tuned for a feature from:

  • richard_arcel
  • smiletwofifty
  • adorables
  • tokidoki_cosplay
  • sakuraprincephotography
  • sojubeats
  • miskphotos
  • crowfel
  • sha.nyan
  • jennybellycos
  • littlegremlincos
  • koizumichancosplay

But I can’t not share… so here are some previews.

Last week I watched A Whisker Away

….and I hated it.

It started off all cute and as much as I liked it, with it’s low animation quality and inaccurate subs, I as it progressed, it gradually got worse and worse.

There is nothing else that I can describe it as other than “a complete disappointment”, 2/5 stars, “but they really had me in the first half.”

Imagine running through a tropical breeze, with the wind on your tail, and the sand soft on your feet. The water on the beach glistens slightly. But as you run, your feet start to hurt and the warm air starts getting colder. You feel a tinge of pain in your left foot and you realized you stepped on a shard of glass. You look down to realize you just cannot go any further without it feeling like needles every single second, but on the floor, there is a too-conveniently placed bed, so you lie on it like that’s a normal thing. You would go back to the beach but you’ve already come this far. Your foot continues to bleed so you take out the vodka that you conveniently were carrying this entire time. And the shard of glass? That would hurt to remove so you just let it be. On a whim you decide to use all of your first-aid knowledge and pour a splash of vodka on it. That hurts anyway and you regret not just drinking.

This is the analogy that is A Whisker Away. Would not recommend, unless you’re into things not making sense and a plot twist for the sake of a plot twist from characters that have no meaning. The cat randomly changes sizes. Also, the main character is unrealistically “genki”.


  1. So sweet of you to give some of your cosplay away ^-^

    Hope you’re still hanging in there during these strange COVID times. Seems like there’s no end in sight, which stresses me out 😥

    Excited to read those upcoming features from guests.

    Definitely skipping Whisker Away, thanks for the heads up!

    Hope all is well!


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