Genshin Impact fans rejoice! Toronto is finally getting another maid cafe!

Meet local cosplayers at this cosplay cafe on Saturday, March 26th!

Feb 23, 2022 –

Honestly, I for one am glad that Toronto finally is getting another fan-made and fan-run event. With covid breathing down our backs, it is no wonder that we haven’t really had a chance to, you know, get together and celebrate what we love. We don’t know when large anime conventions will be coming back, and after 2.5 years of lockdown and a lack of cosplay based events, Toronto’s cosplay community is finally having another fan-run cafe!

It’ll be small but cozy!


Location: Dream Escape – Escape Room and Lounge

570 Bloor Street West Lower Level, Toronto, ON M6G 1K1

Doors open at 2pm! The cafe closes at 5, but you can stay to chill for a little bit after that.

Event Details

This event is only 3 hours long so book your tickets in advance! 

When you arrive, expect to be greeted by a group of cute maids dressed up in Genshin cosplays. There will also be board games, arcade cabinets, Genshin-themed décor, and Genshin-themed food! Guests will be able to answer trivia questions and play in gacha events for a chance to win unofficial character merch drawn by the famous artist, Sakimichan!

Safety is still a #1 concern! Covid protocol applies to this event. There will be sanitation stations and enhanced covid cleaning procedures in place to keep guests safe. The maids will even be wearing custom made character masks! All guests are asked to wear their own masks until they are seated at the table. Please bring your covid passport and ID with you. 

The food will be prepared by dedicated kitchen staff. There will be a variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drink options, with many themed around gaming. The food options are ideal for afternoon tea, and there will be some exclusive, additional themed options added to the menu that you can’t get outside of this cafe.

Meet The Maids

The maids are lolita and j-fashion enthusiasts who have done popup events all across Ontario. They are super excited to welcome you!

Since this is a smaller event, I am expecting a super chill atmosphere. It will be cozy, fun, and stress-free.

Will there be husbandos too? I don’t know yet… you’ll find out when you get there :^) 

Disclaimer: Shut Up Shana is not sponsored to write this post and we are not affiliated or endorsed by Mihoyo.

Get that early bird before it sells out!

I highly suggest purchasing during the early bird pricing, as at the door it will be $10 more


…or come to take a look at the merch in person!

Aight, see ya.


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