Cosplay shenanigans, told as I remember it.

Things I bought from Amazon to get me though the year without going insane

As much as I love small businesses, sometimes you just give into convenience. And that’s okay. You do you fam because self-care is sexy. Here are a curated list of the top 10 items I needed to get 2 day shipping for. I guess this is my own rendition of #tiktokmademebuyit Disclaimer: By the way,…

2020 in Review and 2021 New Year’s Resolutions

Yes, 2020 absolutely SUCKED. Apart from slowly dying from covid-induced poverty and becoming 10lbs heavier because gyms have been closed for 6 months, I think this year has allowed me to really reflect on my personal growth and I have come out of it slightly more resilient.

My social life is a disaster aaaaaa

What’s going on? Sorry I didn’t post on Friday – I just had mad work for last week but this week is gonna back to regular scheduled programming! ₍ᵔ·͈༝·͈ᵔ₎ A few weeks ago, I decided to give away some of my cosplay stuff to other cosplayers in my circle, partially because I’m not making as…

Japanese Animated Films

Honestly I haven’t cosplayed for like 6 months straight but on the bright side, Canadian Netflix is getting some great movies in the upcoming weeks, and I also talk about some of my favourite Japanese animated films.

Cosplay photobooks are my guilty pleasure

So after a few years of doing cosplay, I’ve amassed a crazy amount of photos, and sure I post them online, but what else can I do with them? There was this trend 5 years ago where a lot of cosplayers started making coscards, but I wanted something more than just a business card with…

Black Lives Matter In Cosplay Too

The current movement, BLM, is so important that we must talk about it. So how does that apply to cosplay? Black cosplayers have existed as long as cosplay itself, but do we even know them? Their opinion? Now is the time for us to amplify the black voices in our community and uplift them so…

Cosplay Discrimination

It has definitely happened in the past, and you damn well know it’s going to happen again. You go to a con. You see a cosplayer, and you can see people crowding the white or asian chick, but the black or brown or tan people outright get IGNORED unless their costume is 3000x better.


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